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Talk About Everything

An adult’s vocabulary is largely determined by the number of words they heard during the first three years of life—and the first two years are the most important. Read and converse every day with your children. Talk to them all day long, during feeding, changing diapers, bathing, etc. Narrating your daily activities helps baby to learn language and boosts overall brain development.

Mother talking to baby

What Can Parents and Caregivers Do?

  • Speaking to your child throughout the day, and in a loving tone. Babies might not fully understand what you’re saying, but they absorb emotional tone.
  • Have back and forth conversations in baby talk. By imitating your baby’s vocalizations, you send the message that what they’re trying to say matters to you and they’ll also start to learn how conversation works.
  • Smile at your baby often while they’re cooing, gurgling and trying to vocalize.
  • Pay attention. Turn off the TV and put down your mobile devices when you are talking to or playing with your child, they will benefit the most from your undivided attention.