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Make Music

Music has many benefits to children of all ages- even prenatally! It stimulates brain development in specific areas including language and reasoning. There even appears to be a connection between the pathways activated by music, and the part of the brain used to understand spatial concepts and math.

Parent singing with child

What Can Parents and Caregivers Do?

  • Sing to your child! Even if you think you have a terrible singing voice, your child won’t care. Just be enthusiastic and expressive.
  • Clap, rock, dance, or tap your feet together to the music, your child will learn rhythm, coordination and balance.
  • Encourage your child to make his/her own music using household items.
  • Play music in your home and encourage your child to sing and dance.

Playing recorded music can be beneficial, but it won’t have nearly the same effect as singing to or with your child will. Babies are particularly responsive to singing by a parent, it has the element of human interaction that little ones need for their cognitive, language, and emotional development.

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